Office of Student Conduct and Academic Integrity


Our Staff

Karen Belanger
Director, Student Conduct & Academic Integrity

Robert "Rocky" Carmine
Coordinator, Student Conduct & Acadeimc Integrity - Interim

Megan Rapchick
Coordinator, Student Conduct & Academic Integrity

Leah MacDaniel
Administrative Specialist, Student Conduct & Academic Integrity



Office Specialist 



Student Conduct:

Academic Integrity: 

Would you like to schedule a presentation for a class or meeting? Contact the Director, Karen Belanger, via email ( or phone (828-1963). Thank you.

About Us

The Office of Student Conduct & Academic Integrity supports the educational mission of the University by educating students about appropriate behavior and fostering a community supporting academic success.

The Office of Student Conduct & Academic Integrity is responsible for administration of the Student Code of Conduct, the VCU Honor System, and other related polices – including policy creation, regular assessment and compliance with federal reporting.  We demonstrate professionalism and integrity in all that we do.  We focus our efforts and energy on developing relationships with faculty, staff and students from the various VCU Campuses through education & outreach, investigation & adjudication, and community participation on the various conduct related Boards.  We strive to assure that the Boards are reflective of the diversity of the University community and that they reflect the community’s commitment to civility, honor and integrity.  We are proud of our role in the development and education of students, faculty and staff through their engagement with and participation in the conduct process – including their critical thinking, ethical decision making, empathy and social justice.