Travel Clinic

University Student Health Services offers in-depth pre-travel consultation with a medical provider, who will provide vaccine recommendations and medication prescriptions based on your travel plans and health history.  Student Health Services also offers many of the vaccines commonly recommended for safe travel. 

What You Need to Do

At least 6 to 8 weeks prior to your departure date, call Student Health to request a travel appointment.  Appointments are available on both the Monroe Park and VCU Medical Center campuses.

For travel visits on the Monroe Park Campus (828-8828): Schedule two appointments back-to-back; one for the travel consultation, followed by a nurse visit for vaccine administration.  The Travel Health Form can be completed either before or during the appointment. 

For travel visits on the VCU Medical Center Campus (828-9220): The Travel Health Form must be completed and submitted prior to the appointment. The form will be reviewed, and an email with recommendations will be sent to you before your appointment date.

Special consultation appointments are available for student groups participating in study abroad programs or in service projects, such as those providing medical or dental care abroad.  A group spokesperson is encouraged to contact Student Health to arrange a group consultation.

Student Health Service Travel Health Form

Vaccination Services

Student Health provides all travel vaccines, except Japanese Encephalitis vaccine and Rabies vaccine. 

Vaccines should be received at least thirty days before the risk of exposure for optimal benefit.  Be sure to plan ahead and make your appointment well in advance of your departure date.

Students are responsible for the cost of their vaccines, as Student Health does not bill health insurance.


A well-informed traveler is a safer traveler. We recommend the following websites for travel information:

Student Health also offers the following health brochures, filled with tips and resources to keep you safe and healthy during your travels:

We further encourage travelers to register with the U.S. Embassy upon arrival at their destination.



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